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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tortoise, kitty & snake

These snakeskin pants are staggeringly awesome. And I absolutely love how she incorporated the tortoise shell sunnies! Do you own anything that's snakeskin? What about some snakeskin pants?

P.S. They'd also look totally neat with these.


  1. These are soo cute!! I have a pair of jeans like these but they are black and white.. I want those jeans!!

  2. I love how the whole outfit is simple and black to let the pants do all the talking.

  3. Those are pretty great, although I don't own any snakeskin :(

  4. I wish I had snake skin pants. I'm about to just whip up a pair one weekend.

  5. wow she looks amazing! I don't own any snakeskin at the moment, though I think I need to invest!

  6. She looks great, i do love a bit of snakeskin and thanks for the tips on the earrings on my blog! Much appreciated :)

    Stacey xx

  7. I do not have snakesin pants, but would love to own a pair. They look great!!


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