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Friday, November 30, 2012

For Your Best Friend, Who Feels Most Comfortable in Suits and Once Whittled You a Flower

A vintage desk lamp, $24.80.

luxe plate for his iPhone, $27, or have him custom make his own, $33.

A bike bag, $179, for biking to class or across the state.

A set of these quirky, chrome-finished dart coat hooks, $29.50.

Manly soap. $6.50 for a 4-5 ounce bar, $22 for the set.

A classic Zippo lighter that will last him forever, $16.95.

One (or two, or five!) super nifty beeswax candle, in the shape of a jar or bottle. $10 and up!

A travel hammock, $35, for camping and such.

A bike mount for his iPhone, $50.

A deck of cards fit for a gentleman, $15.

Something stereotypically manly, like a flannel button down, $49.90.

A gun tie clip, $30. Subtle.

American Crew Ultramatte to give his hair the ultimate masculine finish (that'll still be soft enough for your to touch!), about  $15. 

A mini robot vacuum, $16, for when he's too lazy to sweep away crumbs himself. 

A framed print of one of his favorite music icons, $109 and up.

Two juicy 8 oz. steaks delivered to his doorstep, $99.95

A set of ts02 thinksound headphones, which deliver a perfectly clear, open sound, $80.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

For Your Cheeky Friend, Who Always Has Something Funny to Say and Carries Tasty Snacks in Her Handbag

Glittery rose nail polish, $14, perfect for the holidays.

This quirky ice cream scoop, about $16.

A jar of hot chocolate, $8. I like to save the cute jar once I've used all the cocoa!

A fabulous hot oil treatment, $6, for keeping winter frizzies at bay.

A gorgeous set of pens (that you'll definitely be borrowing), $28.

A sweet bow sweater, $98.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in 'Black Honey', $15. (Hint: This shade of lipstick flatters literally every skin tone!)

A box of brown sugar and gingerspice cookies, $8.50 for a dozen. 

An aromatic spray, $25, to bring about calming vibes.

A seriously gorgeous marbled glass ornament, $12.

Need more suggestions? Here are some ideas for the young girls in your life and some for wacky aunts...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For Your Older Sister, Who You Love To Death, Even Though She Always Manages To Get On Your Very Last Nerve

A brilliant watercolor iPhone case, $35.

This wine-hued lipstick, $15.

A set of pretty gemstone magnets, $36.

A quirky cow print to remind her of the time Mom dressed us up as cows for Halloween, $25 and up!

A bird peephole cover, $20, to add a bit of flair to her door.

A grown-up wallet, $26

The super versatile and widly-acclaimed Urban Decay 'Naked' palette, $50.

A fabulous camera strap, $130, accented with a layer of tulle and festooned with rows of silver sequins.

A soup and sandwich tray, $30, for her ramen noodles and bread with butter.

An easy tote bag that lists all of the major cities she'll one day visit, $36.

A mug for her lattes,, $20.

A micro lens for her cell phone camera, $15.

P.S. More gifts for sisters...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

For Your Sweet Dad, Who Used to Carry You on His Shoulders and Give You Bites of His Cereal

Reasonable Doubt LP, Jay-Z's first (and arguable best) album ever released, which Dad will appreciate for the exceptional lyricism and smooth beats that seem to be lacking in today's Hip-hop music, $27.

Delicious maple syrup, $24.95, with just a hint of bourbon.

An adjustable iPad stand for watching movies with Mom and typing long emails, $39.95.

A sampling of six dry spice rubs, $14.95.

A chance to take a Ferrari (or some other fancy pants car) for a spin...prices vary!

A curiously perfect lasagna pan for neat, mess-free slices, about $30!

A knit beanie for his bald head ^.^, $19.95.

A stainless steel mug that will keep his evening tea hot and his morning smoothie cold, $22.85.

A couple of vintage comic books, featuring his favorite superhero, $5 and up.

A wine aerator, about $30, for the perfect glass every time!

A classic and comfortable shawl-collar sweater, $75.

The ever-popular beer-of-the-month club subscription, $37/month.

(Comics image; beer image)