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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Right this moment, I'd love to visit...

Paris! The City of Love & Lights. A few weeks ago, I saw the movie Midnight in Paris, and it reawakened my urge to visit this lovely city. I can't wait to someday ride a bike to a tiny caf√© where I'll taste a real Parisian croissant, and at sunset go for a cruise down the Seine River. Also, I'd love to experience the gorgeous architecture of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the stunning artwork at The Louvre!
And with all the gorgeous Parisian fashion to admire, I wouldn't be able to resist exploring such a charming city without these lovely flats.

What about you? If you could drop everything right now, where would you zip off to?

(Top images via We Heart It)


  1. this is a beautiful post!
    Seen the first pic and was like WOW!!!
    much admiration from

  2. cool photos!

    Meena ♥

  3. me 2! paris again, perhaps greece and Rome too!
    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  4. Would totally love to be there right now too - so dreamy! x

  5. paris <3 i wish i can go to there :)


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