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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Monday flowers

Wouldn't a spontaneous delivery of roses to your doorstep or waking to a bundle of lavender on your nightstand completely brighten your day?

How is your day so far?

(Via We Heart It)


  1. aw, this has genuinely put a smile on my face rimi! lovely, if someone turned up with flowers I think I'd probably cry, haha.

    ramz and the flock

    p.s aaagh, you're only three followers away from a hundred! YAY. and I know you just commented on my post, but I put about something else in after and wanted to know if you'd be nice and join in? xox

  2. my birthday is coming up too! love your list, the red dress is particularly adorable :)

    <3 Alison

    giveaway going on now, check it out!

  3. really stunning!!!! i really enjoyed reading your blog. it's amazing.

    following your blog now.



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