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Monday, August 1, 2011

Consignment shopping

The other day, Mom and I went to the tailor lady to get some things taken in, and the consignment shop that the tailor lady runs out of the same space is always stocked aplenty with designer digs. Among the stash is a brand-new leather Dolce & Gabanna bag for $150 and an Hervé Léger dress, that was worn once, for $500 (if only it was in red...). She even had a pair of gorgeous Tory Burch loafer pumps for $125 that were just half a size too small. Ugh! 

Do you ever snatch up neat things from consignment shops? Or are you like me and doomed to be forever disappointed *cue violins*?


  1. Consignment shopping can be frustrating at times, just like it can be a lot of fun. I am always jealous of those who have the "eye" for consignment clothes, and always come out with their bags full.

  2. I love a good consignment shop! Especially when they have a mix of price ranges, or when they have sales :)


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