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Friday, August 26, 2011

Have a pretty weekend

A BIG thank you to Kariyah for awarding me the Lovely Blogger Award and to Sara for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway (click here if you haven't entered yet!)! This weekend entails filling out college applications and working on college essays. Super fun. But, hopefully I'll find some time to relax with my wedding shows or try out this stellar nail art. What are you doing this weekend? Diving into a good book? Petting a cheetah cub? Writing a sweet love letter? Do tell!

(Images via We Heart It)


  1. You're very welcome! This weekend is mostly work for me, but also a dinner party. I wish I had a little cheetah cub to pet... so adorable!
    Good luck with your college applications!!

  2. this weekend im going to chill. and write up the next installment in my back2school series.. im finding them quite fun

    enjoy ur weekend
    Breezeybee Blog

  3. i love the first photographs a lot..
    have a look at my new post. its about "still single and still happy"

  4. Hope you have a lovely weekend & great pictures !

  5. love your blog :) x

  6. super cute blog! I found you through IFB and am now following you, I hope you follow back! :)

  7. i'm probably just going to relax and do some shopping. filling out college applications can be stressful! haha i need to get to that but i still hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Ahh love the photo of the cheetah cub!! My weekend is being spent celebrating a friends bday :)


  9. these photos are so pretty! I love your dolly photos below too.. i spent my weekend catching up with friends and chillen. hope you had a lovely weekend. loving your blog =)

  10. lovely pics!

    Meena ♥

  11. OMG so cute! love the little leopard.

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