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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage vanity set

How glamorous would you feel if you could roll out of bed and find this fetching vintage vanity set resting on your dresser each morning? The set consists of a romantically 'G' monogrammed hand mirror & horsehair brush, along with a complimentary shoe horn & shoe buff. Each piece in the collection shows fittingly darling signs of wear and age.

P.S. I found this set at the same shop where I found this wonderful vintage leather bag.


  1. omg absolutely gorgeous~~~ reminds me of pride and prejudice for some reason :p


  2. This reminds me of my grandmother's vanity. I also have a Pinterest board devoted to Vanities. Your blog is officially on my blogroll as well. Happy Thursday.

    Lisa x

  3. looks like something a princess would have x

  4. this is totally awesome find!! wow, i love it! they're all so amazing&cute. love this vintage style!

  5. what an ornate set! just perfect x


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