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Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm now on Bloglovin'!

I've been thinking for a while that it might be a good idea to add my blog to Bloglovin', a site that allows you to keep track of your favorite blogs, as well as provide another outlet for readers to keep up with your latest posts. I realize that quite a few people don't have Google accounts, so this seems like a good way to let them in on the fun as well! Click the link below to follow!

P.S. Is your blog on Bloglovin'? What's you favorite blog to read? (You can see just a few of my faves in the left side bar!)

(Images via We Heart It)


  1. Hello. Saw your comment re: giveaway and not following. I'm actually your follower but google signs me up as lovepraline, so you'd find me at the end if your list. However no worries about deleting my entry. I left you a comment more for support and not for a chance of winning anything. Hope you have a nice day! x

  2. Ah, I've just found your blog, it's so lovely! Just been reading a few past posts and LOVING it! :)

  3. aw.. i don't have bloglovin sweety..


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