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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Furoshiki wrapping cloth

Have you ever heard of a Furoshiki? It's a Japanese wrapping cloth, and although traditionally it's used for wrapping and carrying things, the cloth can be folded and used as a scarf, a body wrap, and more than 100 other useful things. Nifty no?

P.S. You can buy some here, too!

(Via UGUiSU)


  1. great post . this is a must have for my wardrobe .

  2. This is so awesome! How did I not know about it?

  3. completely and utterly nifty, I like multi-functional things :)

  4. need this in my life! do you know where they stock them?

  5. I thought you and your readers might also be interested in Lulu Wraps, handmade furoshiki from Portland, Oregon. We make and sell all sorts: lunch specific furoshiki lined with water-resistant fabric that come with matching cloth napkins, vintage sari fabric furoshiki, organic cotton, hemp, fashion fabrics, and custom orders...please take a peek:, or check out our luluwraps facebook page.


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