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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Owl jewelry

Owls are such cheeky creatures, which is why I love seeing them, or any animal for that matter, memorialized in jewelry. I recently bought these Ananta Earrings from Anthropologie and they ever so slightly give of the impression of tiny, shimmering snakes cascading down your ear. Do you have any favorite animal jewelry? How about an animal tattoo?

Also, a lovely owl print.

P.S. Don't you love Anthro's revamped website??

(Photos via We Heart It)


  1. yay for weheartit, love that website. these are gorgeous! I have an owl ring, it's probably my favourite piece of jewellery.

    the earrings sound lovely!

  2. lovely! i love all those owl jewelry, especially the rings. i follow you, will you follow me back?

  3. I've been seeing owls everywhere as well, looking forward to see if you pick up any of these pieces. Aren't you a little young to be thinking of tattoo ideas (says the girl with a tattoo, but I was 21)? I guess it's better to plan something meaningful than not.


  4. So cute! I love owl jewelry!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!

  5. Very cute necklace and hair pin! I have also been noticing this trend.. I should look into getting a few owl accesories myself..


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