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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Short hair

The lovely Beth of Ramz and the Flock recently remarked that she was due for a haircut and that needed styling ideas for short hair. I think short hair on ladies is so pretty, which is why I think hair clips, embellished headbands and pretty earrings accentuate the cuts so well. Do you have short hair?

P.S. Check out the versatility of Ginnifer Goodwin's short locks.


  1. RIMI, I THINK I MIGHT JUST BE IN LOVE WITH YOU! haha, only kidding but you must be the nicest person in the world! thanks for the mention.

  2. Short hair definitely looks great on some people.. That picture is so cute!! There is an air of mischievousness in her eyes, don't you think?

  3. She has lovely hair and really suits it, but i have short hair and i always wear extensions.. sort of hate my hair :(

  4. I had short hair. I thought that I have to do something life changing. And indeed it changed my life. It was man repelling, but it doesn't care. It even changed my wardrobe. In a second day after hairstylist I understood that I missed my long hair so badly, but I kept my short hair for about year.

    xoxo Ra

  5. She is so gorgeous! Short hair always looks good on girls with very feminine features on their face, like Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan.

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