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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just one quick question

I just have one question for you, my lovely followers. And don't worry! It's not just for kicks. Your answer will come in handy in the future:

Do you have a cat (or do you plan on getting one soon)?

Just leave you answer in the comments below. Thanks!

And since this post is so lackluster, here are five neat things I've found...

Two twins with killer style

A neat bow tie that my dad would never wear

I'd love to rest my feet on this

A vintage-inspired engagement session. Don't you love her dress (here's one that's similar) and his suspenders?

Four restaurants where you'll never get a table

(Images via We Heart It)


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Your blog is lovely :) I followed you as well.

    Stay rad,

  2. I don`t have a cat, and I don`t plan to have one, not any time soon.
    Not really a pet lover, although I like animals in general...


  3. Yes I have a cat Tartine =)

  4. Yes, I have a cat, too. Her name is Ruby and she's quite a character of her own. I adore her. :)

  5. I do not have a cat. Not really a cat person actually... Thanks for commenting! I got the keys from a family friend who was going to get rid of them!


  6. the cat is super cute! How can I say no to a cat, but don't have one

    Travel in Style

  7. Yes, I've got three cats: Ziggy, Sjonnie and Boefje. The last names are typical Dutch animal names :p
    But these three aren't my first cats, I've had eight cats. I just love them and can't imagine a life without them. Especially not without Ziggy, she was born at my seventh birthday party :D


  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog! It's always nice to see I have some readers out there :) Your blog is lovely too! I'll follow you!

    Oh, and I definitely appreciate the Paul McCartney photo above... :D

    Cup of Tea

  9. Just came upon your blog from a comment you left on Addicted to Etsy, love the style :) And my boyfriend and I recently adopted two kittens, they're kinda crazy, but completely adorable :)

    xo Ashlei

  10. lovely blog! :) i've got a cat, her name's piana and she's always mulling around the back of my blog photos :P fancies herself a bit of a model xxx

  11. Nope I don't like cats, prefer dogs!

  12. i lovee your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)

  13. I don't have a cat and I don't plan to get one either, because I have a crazy dog, whom I love so much. He's a loverboy but would be too rough on a kitty without meaning it... but I have contemplated getting one many times.



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