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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoons

I came across the following honeymoon spots while browsing Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a brilliant website that finds luxury and boutique hotels. So, picture this: You've just had the wedding of your dreams and wake up the next morning with your fresh-out-the-box hubby, ready to skeedaddle and head straight for the airport. What's your destination?

The African savannah, where you'll stay in a tented lodge and look on as the land's creatures saunter through the wide-open plains.

A posh New York hotel that puts you right in the middle of SoHo and features a rooftop bar and its unrestricted view of Gotham City.

A Rocky Mountain ski lodge, where you'll don your snow boots and ride the slopes by day, and look out over the mountains from your suite by night.

An Italian B&B that's set high on a hill and surrounded by lush gardens and rangy valleys that provide a perfectly rustic landscape for romantic walks with your dearly beloved.

The beaches of the Philippines, where you can step out from your suite or villa and jump right into the ocean, or have a delicious plate of Mediterranean salad while your husband goes snorkeling.

Which one of these enticing honeymoons would you take?


  1. AMAZABALLS! i think i would maybe go for the ski lodge or NY - but all looks FAB!


  2. they all look beautiful! but I'd probably go for the Italian B&B or the Philippines..

  3. Gosh.. all these places are soooo beautiful, it would be impossible to choose!!

  4. Philippines is a best place for honeymoon i like your pics thanks for posting :)


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