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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Men and the way they dress

Dad dresses much better nowadays, but Al still wears socks with sandals (although he's a great fancy-dresser). How do the men in your life dress? Well? Poorly? Just OK? 

Plus, oil for their beards.

(Via All Things Stylish)


  1. My dad is a construction man, so not so good, haha. Nevertheless, he has that careless European mafia man look to him. Other than that, they're really hipster (wearing a lot of Mishka brand stuff) or often wear plaid shirts with loafers.

    xx Dagmara

  2. I love this! I have recently been trying to make my bf more fashionable (mostly because its fun) and he doesnt seem to care about fashion at all. jeans & tee and hes ok... I liked your pics... so much more interesting than usual mens fashion =)

    Now following your pretty blog x


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