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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heads up: BIG Anthro Sale!

Anthropologie's Semi-Annual Clearance Sale is officially make sure you get there while there are still things to get got!! In the meantime, here are just a few of the goodies that I hope to get my hands on!

Wingbeats Scarf, above, to use as a head wrap this summer, $29.95
Waist-Cynching Romper, $19.95, for those lazy summer days.

The perfectly feminine Basal Flounced Skirt, $39.95.

These amazing wedges, both $129.95 (check out those heels!)

Spring-Spun Earrings, $19.95, that give just enough sparkle and shine.

Have any of you ladies already checked out the sale? 


  1. Hello there sweetie! Nice items!
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  2. They have sales? X-D Haha. I always assumed that high-end stores like that just didn't have inexpensive stuff. Took a look around but there's nothing I really like :P Might as well save up for something nice.

    Castle Fashion

  3. You guys some amazing things!!! Why can't I find bargains like this?!



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