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Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's your favorite going-out lip color?

Yesterday, I came across this beautiful lip gloss in Black-Tie Plum by Dior while looking for something to wear to my Senior Banquet. Typically, when look for lip colors, I lean towards subtle roses, plums and browns, so this is right up my ally! The color is a deep burgundy plum with a subtle shimmer throughout. It's also very buildable, which means it can be worn as a stain or a full-on lip color. Normally if I go anywhere nice, my go-to lip is a nude-y gloss with a subtle shimmer, but this plum lip would be such an elegant alternative, don't you think?

What's your favorite lip shade for special occasions?


  1. I absolutely love love love burgundy lipsticks, but unfortunately they don't really suit me. :( I use nude brown-rosy shades during a day and classic red when I want to create an impact. x

  2. I love to stay in nude/brown colors with a tad of shimmer, but I do like to venture out with soft pinks and purples.


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