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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Secret Santa gift ideas!

 Secret Santa. No matter who picks your name, you can basically expect to get some sort of lotion, cheap chocolate, a picture frame or a gift card. So, I've come up with a couple of things, all $20 or less, that are perfect for office/school gift exchanges or for those semi-random people in your life that you kinda want to get something for, but just aren't entirely sure of what they'll like. Have a look!

If you're buying for a gal...
Delicious chewy espresso brownies, $8 for four.

A totally non-predictable, beautifully monogrammed mug, $8.

A super cool set of motivational pencils. $12 for a set of 9.

A gorgeously sparkly nail polish that's perfect for the season, $18.

An adorably elegant, snow-covered doe, $16.

If you're buying for a guy...
Good old-fashioned peanut brittle with a bacon-y twist. $15.95 for an 8 oz. box.

The multi-purposeful dots desk organizer, $12.

The GLIF, $20, an incredibly modern accessory that he'll use to mount his iPhone for video chatting or show watching.

Evolution erasers, $16. How fitting! (I kid, kid :) )

These camp socks may seem totally lame and impersonal, $16.50, but they're perfect for putzing around the house on a snowy afternoon.

If you have no idea who you're buying for...
Jam and chocolate rugelach cookies that anyone would love, $20 for 24 pieces.

The incredibly relaxing Kikkerland Head Massager, $3. Go ahead, pick one up for yourself.

 A set of hilariously witty matches, $6.50.

A fun read for those super slow days, $11.12

That was fun! Does your school or job do Secret Santa?


  1. OMG SECRET SANTA!!!!!! That was one of my favourite things from school! I'm almost being serious. SO FUN. Anyways, have oodles of fun with your secret santa!

  2. ahh! so many great ideas! i love this post!

  3. These are some great gift ideas :) I love the pencil idea those are so cute!

  4. these are so adorable gifts!!! so looove them... so want to receive them for christmas... love love love your blog... following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  5. great ideas!! i can never come up with something good for these gift exchanges, thanks so much for the ideas :)

    a peek of chic


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