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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift Guide #3: For Your Ambitious Older Sister, Who Plays Her Music Way Too Loudly and Always Bakes Brownies When She Comes Home from College

 A set of beautifully pigmented eyeshadows, in three colors that she
would love, $15.

Classy, a witty book of advice for the (very) modern lady, $9.03.

A hot yoga lesson to calm her bustling mind.

Delicious fig jam, $7.95, for late night PB&Js or to top off her

Cute key caps, $5, that are shaped like cows.

A pair of matchstick cords in a vibrant hue, $79.50.

Heartbeats headphones, $130, so her music can be for her ears only.

A pair of amethyst quartz stud earrings, which are handmade, right
when you order, $19.

A book of dreams, $10.95, to remind her to always keep her dreams
within arm's reach.


  1. Can I just tell you that I completely adore your gift guides!!! Keep 'em coming! ;)

  2. This all looks SO nice and inspirational! you have great taste!


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