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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Guide #2: For Your Know-It-All Dad, Who Wears Converse Sneakers, Is Obsessed with Guacamole, and Still Tells Your Mom How Pretty She Is

leather pen case, $71, with a neat fountain pen hidden inside, $28.

A molcajete, $29.95, so he can make fresh guacamole at home!

A bar of mint spruce soap, $5.50, that will leave him smelling like
a minty pine forest.

A classic Slinky that will adorn his desk and remind him of his
childhood, $5.50.

A wooden piggy bank, made in Bolivia, where he'll store his spare
change for a rainy day, $28.

A fancy dress shirt, $129, for date nights with mom.

A live jazz vinyl of one of the greatest concerts ever, $21.15.

A wooden cutting board, $40, in the shape of his homeland.

A bookbindery case for his Kindle, $50. It'll look and feel like he's
holding a real book!


  1. I love these ideas!! I really like the idea of the soap and cutting board. My dad would appreciate those! :)

    xoxo Denise

  2. I like these posts you've been giving me some awesome ideas :)

  3. Great gift ideas! I love the cutting board and the guacamole making dish!


    Erin @


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