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Friday, November 11, 2011

Have a delightful weekend!

 I hope you've all had a lovely week! Have you gotten started on your holiday shopping yet? Or do you think it's a bit too early? I always get super excited around this time of year, so brace yourselves for the slew of holiday posts that will be popping up in the coming weeks! How are you going to spend your weekend? Reading the Sunday funnies? Playing with a lion cub at the zoo? Picking up a few new sweaters? Do tell!

(Images via Wr3ckedd)


  1. wow i love these pictures! the puppy is so cute!

  2. wowowow!!! so cute. love the puppy. have a good weekend!

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  3. I am not an animal lover (don't judge me!) but the 2nd picture took my breath away.

    I haven't started Xmas shopping only because I feel it's way too early. I mean, Thanksgiving is still like 2 weeks away. ha!


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