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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anthropologie November 2011 Catalogue

It's officially okay to start thinking about the holidays! Not only because Halloween has just passed, but also because Anthropologie has come out with its November catalogue and has decorated its website to match the fast approaching holiday season! I had myself a peak through the catalogue, and I found a ton of pieces and little knick-knacks that have sent dozens of gift ideas scattering through my brain. Anyways, like always, below I have my favorite fashion picks from this month. Look on!
Draping Shearling Jacket, $368
Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt, $218
Tiered Stripes Dress, $188
Quite A Spectacle Necklace, $498
Starshine Bolero, $138
Buttoned-Berm Pullover, $88
Sterling Kitten Heels, $148
Gracia Dress, $248
High-Waist Denim Trousers, $118
Roshan Chandeliers, $258
Beaded Stripe Shell, $148
Sami Flats, $278
Embroidered Mirabilis Dress, $248
Elena Clutch, $98
Melosa Halter, $88
Vintage Scarf Corset Belt, $98
Polished Platinum Dress, $388
Cantrella Chandeliers, $268
Tegu Platforms, $168
Setting Suns Clutch, $88
Rising Snowdrops Cardigan, $168
Needled Paths Sweater Skirt, $98
Stitched Spindles Coat, $268
Marquee Gemmed Heels, $148
Lucita Chandeliers, $268
Eyelet Peplum Blouse, $88
Deco Spark Skirt, $198
Caped Mosaic Top, $88
Holding Horses High-Rise Flares, $128
Shadowy Plena Peep-Toes, $448
Limited Edition Rickshaw, $2,200
 Sigh...tons of gorgeous detail, loads of sparkles and festive colors this month (plus that awesome rickshaw!)...Which pieces are your faves?

(Top image via Effortless Anthropologie)


  1. I love every piece, the ' Buttoned berm pullover' is amazing, so chic <3

  2. they do have tons of awesome stuff :) i like the skirts & earrings.


  3. hi, there! what a delightful blog you have here. you make great fashion choices. so talented at such a young age. :) enjoyed browsing, and am following now. :) hope to visit again! cheers!


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