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Friday, September 2, 2011

Where would you rather go on a date?

An amusement park, where you'll eat yummy cotton candy and he'll win you a stuffed teddy bear. As you ride the ferris wheel, he'll tell you how cute you look in your henley tee and ask you to hold his keys in your tiny cross-body bag.

Opening night at the theater. He'll get the best possible seats, which he knows you'll love, and you'll wear your most exquisite evening dress, which you know he'll love.

An art gallery, so you can check out some of the latest paintings and sculptures. You'll look so lovely in your striped boatneck tee and olive green skinnies, he'll swear you're a walking oeuvre d’art.

You'll ride your bikes to a soft, grassy spot, lay down your blanket, and have a lovely picnic in the park. All the while, you'll look as pretty as a flower in your dainty lace tank and rolled up shorts.

Or perhaps he'll take you to that ΓΌber-romantic restaurant you've been dying to try. He'll think you look so beautiful in your silk trimmed tank, that he'll hardly eat a thing.

Which date would you pick?


  1. ha, Rimi, this is a brilliant post.

    I think I'd choose the art gallery. I'm a sucker for artsy nerd type guys and I'd just love it.

  2. Amusement park, I love them! :)

  3. The restaurant for me! Great post.


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