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Friday, September 9, 2011

Have an excellent weekend

Yay! We finally got some rain this week! We've been needing it desperately. But, along with the rain, it's been suddenly quite chilly. Tonight is my school's second home football game, so I'll been sure to stay warm in some leather boots and my favorite knit sweater. What's in store for you this weekend? Making paper birds? Not making your bed? Braiding your hair? Do tell!

(Images via We Heart It)


  1. Lovely photos and such a cute paper bird :) This weekend I actually had a really nice family gathering, it's relaxed, laid back and lovely, as my brother and dad have always been overseas working, it's great being able to see them again and have some family time :)


  2. These photos are so pretty, I definitely didn't make my bed this weekend!

  3. LOVE the large braid an bow in the last pic!

    xoxo Denise


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