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Monday, September 5, 2011

Anthropologie September 2011 Catalogue

Yay! Anthropologie's September catalogue is out! Look on to see just a
few of my top picks from this month:
Outspread Wings Peep-toes, $118
Calligraphy Strokes Skirt, $118
Ascot Swing Coat, $168
Floating Chrysalis Cowlneck, $118 
Gossamer Birch Shell, $148
Striated Tassel Earrings, $88
Beaded Wink Belt, $58
Dog Rose Pullover, $138
Firewing Clogs, $428
Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt, $88
Stone Maze Bracelet, $748
Sweeping Swing Coat, $498
Pilcro Serif Cords, $88
Interspersed Ponte Dress, $168
Reeve Ribbon Pumps, $168
Dantela Corset Top, $98

What are your favorite pieces from this month?

P.S. On Saturday, I picked up these gorgeous lace earrings (on sale!).
Have you come across any good deals lately?

(Top images via Effortless Anthropologie)


  1. those red shoes, AMAZING!! oh dear, i might buy them :s JS xx

  2. Great picks! I love them all, especially the red shell! Gorgeous!

    thanks for sharing!


  3. Adore the ponte dress and the corset top.

  4. lovely post! I love the shoes with the wings. xx



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