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Monday, July 16, 2012

In-flight beauty tips!

Before the Moms and I zip off for our beach vacation, I wanted to pop on by and let you all know about the beauty routine that I plan on implementing en route to Jamaica. Even though my flight will only be about three hours, I figure it's still a good idea to act as though I'm preparing for a long-haul flight by so that I emerge from the flight with fresh-looking skin and well-moisturized hair.

1. Airplane cabin air is exceedingly dry and, because it's circulated, it's also very dirty. So, before I get started, I'll sanitize my hands with my EO hand sanitizer and wipe my face down with my Yes to Cucumbers facial toilettes. These will gently cleanse my face and, simultaneously, impart a bit of moisture. 

2. Next, I'll spritz my face with an aloe vera juice and water mixture, siphoned into a travel-size spray bottle. Both the water and aloe vera provide moisture to the skin, but the aloe vera also acts as a toner and prepares the skin for the moisturizer. Rosewater is also a great alternative! 

3. Since the flight is so short, I don't need a heavy-duty mask or moisturizer. Instead, I'll apply one or two generous layers of aloe vera gel (siphoned into a small dispenser tube), which works wonders for my combination-oily skin. Believe it or not, oily skin tends to become even more oily in the airplane cabin, as the skin overcompensates for the lack of moisture. The aloe vera gel absorbs this excess oil, clears the pores, and still leaves the skin moisturized. (BONUS: It's also great for dry skin!)
4. After the aloe vera gel, I'll apply a water-based creamy moisturizer. For this, I love MyChelle Oil-Free Grapefruit Cream. When you're up 30,000 ft in the air, the sun's rays can be incredibly damaging, so the last thing to go on my face will be a bit of sunscreen.

5. By this time the seatbelt light will have turned off, and I'll dash off to the bathroom. In there I'll apply a foot cream, which is a mixture of my favorite lotion and a bit of coconut oil, mixed at home and siphoned into a travel-size tube. Because airplanes are often chilly, I like to wear wool socks as I fly. This treatment helps to prevent my feet from drying out in my socks.

6. Also while in the bathroom, I'll spritz my hair with the aloe vera juice-water mix and apply a leave-in conditioner, also mixed at home and siphoned into a travel-size tube. I'll then tie on a silk head scarf, to keep my hair smooth, slick on some vitamin E oil lip balm, wash my hands, and head back to my seat.

7. At my seat, I'll apply a hand lotion, dap a bit of lavender essential oil on my neck and then I'm off to sleep! After landing, I'll stop by the ladies' room to wipe my face again and re-moisturize my skin (Remember: dirty cabin air!). Then it's off to baggage claim!

Oops! Musn't forget to drink water, as well!

Do you have an in-flight beauty regimen? Got any tips or tricks! Let me know! 

(Images via Pinterest)

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