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Friday, July 20, 2012

Have a stellar weekend!

Dad and I are going for lunch today, and at this juncture, I'm craving Indian food. If things go my way for the rest of the day, Al and I will go see The Dark Knight Rises later this afternoon/evening! *crosses fingers* Let's hope for the best!!

On Sunday, Mom and I head out for Jamaica! Woot!! While I'm gone, I've scheduled one or two posts for you all to enjoy. I'll be back with my regular postings next Monday!

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Speaking of weekend, what will you be doing this weekend? Seeing The Dark Knight Rises? Going on vacation (and taking loads of pictures!)? Buying yourself a new swimsuit? Do tell!



  1. Wow, my dream is to go to Jamaica, this place is lovely!
    Have a great weekend, sweetie :)
    Hey, could enjoy the fan page of my blog? click here!. Thank you.
    Thousand kisses s2

  2. Have a fun weekend!! We are going to see the Dark Knight next weekend when my dad is home. :) I hope it doesn't get spoiled before then!

  3. have so much fun in jamaica - that's where we are getting married! :)

    a peek of chic


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