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Friday, July 6, 2012

Have a luxurious weekend!

Tomorrow I'll be treating my hair to a delicious deep treatment (recipe coming soon!). I'll also be making my way over to the fabric store, where I'll hopefully buy a few yards of fabric so I can make some head wraps for the colder months!

What are you doing this weekend? Treating your hair to something special? Lying out in the sun? Going to a festival? Do tell!



  1. Thats a lovely glass rimi... (:

  2. I am a getting a much needed sleep/rest after a long week at work.

  3. Oooh! I like the idea of making your own head wraps... I've been shopping around for some lately but either the material is too cottony (and drying for the hair), the color is not my fave, or the price is just ridiculous for a scarf. Do share what you take home!!

  4. Gorgeous picture! YOU HAVE AWESOME HAIR. My hair is so ridiculously straight and I'm so jealous of your hair! Ahh.

    And my weekend plans consists of staying at home, avoiding the humidity, and doing nothing... I'm a riot! haha.

    P.S. thanks for your comment! Yeah, I did most of my traveling alone - I mean, I went by myself - but I met lots of people along the way :)

  5. i love a good deep conditioning :) this weekend i went to two picnics and also the movies and dinner/drinks.


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