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Friday, December 2, 2011

Have a beautiful December weekend!

So, this week we kicked off the very first An Air of Surprise Holiday Gift Guide! I hope it's been of help so far! I still have two more gift guides coming up, so you'll see those starting on Monday. How do you plan on spending this weekend? Wrapping yourself up in a big, cozy scarf? Giving yourself glittery nails? Trimming your Christmas tree? Do tell!

(Ozetta; middle image source unknown; We Heart It)


  1. i am in need of a good and warm scarf!

  2. I'm spending the weekend making plans for everything I'm gonna buy my parents for Christmas! I moved to Belgium a few months ago and I'm enjoying so many things here and I want them to enjoy them as well, so I'm thinking of buying Speculoos(delicious paste made from delicious crackers) and Christmas decorations and fuzzy blankets and sending them in a package before I even get there!

  3. Yayyyy! Totally LOVE the Christmasy vibes in these photos. CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST. I love all of it. Yay! You just got me excited, hahahha. For realzzzz!

  4. sooo festive! i've never seen such beautiful nails!

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  5. these photos are awesome!
    x jamie

  6. Love the glitter nails!

    xo Ashleigh

  7. Wow I love these holiday-inspired photos! Especially those nails, I wish I was talented enough to do that!

  8. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Especially the nail polish!



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