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Monday, December 12, 2011

Anthropologie December 2011 Catalogue

I know it's late, late, late! But here are my absolute favorite picks from Anthro's latest catalogue.

Winterbloom Maxi Dress, $398
Mirrorball Clogs, $448
Tinsel Set, $78
Azure Rung Hoops, $118
Sorted Stripes Dress, $178
Pleated Ponte Skirt, $88
Tropicana Jacquard Mini-Dress, $198
Lace-Back Blouse, $128
Claret Bow Boots, $238
Vermillion Reflections Dress, $298
Ilex Jumper, $298
Flickered Strip Bracelet, $48 
Attapeu Jacket, $198
Pilar Maxi Dress, $398
Steeplechase Ankle Boots, $218

Oddly enough, this catalogue seems to be a collection of mostly spring-y pieces, mixed in with a few garments for winter. What do you like the most?

(Top images via Effortless Anthropologie)


  1. I love the jewelery pieces and the clogs, so fun and colorful!!

  2. Lovely post.

  3. You always show us the coolest things, especially from Anthro! Love those boots in particular!

  4. those boots are my favorite<3 but I could buy almost all those clothes if I'd enough money :D
    ...but on the third photo. is that the Finn model, Suvi Koponen? :o
    xx Luna


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