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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Guide #5: For Your Chronically Late Aunt, Who Makes Yummy Peach Cobbler, Sports a Short Afro and Teaches at an Elementary School

A super chic apron, $32, that should totally be a dress!

Green tea leaves, each one rolled into the shape of a pearl. $12 for a
2 oz. container.

A Binchotan eye mask, which is layered with Binchotan charcoal
to enhance blood circulation, relax eye muscles, and give her the
best sleep she's ever had, $25.

An innovative, handblown curet that offers a unique design for
serving oil and vinegar, $49. 

An assortment of delicious caramels that she'll surely want to share.
$14 for a 4 oz, gift-wrapped box.

A perfectly useful tote, $57, in which she'll carry groceries, her
laptop or her gym gear.

A chalkboard tablet, $22, where she'll write down the day's goals or a
recipe that she's dying to try (P.S. A chalkboard tablet, plus a stand, $37).

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  1. I love how cute and personal this guide is! definitely practical and thoughtful and cute ideas!


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