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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Guide #7: For Your Grandfather, Who Always Looks on the Bright Side of Things, Drives a Big, Black Pick-Up Truck, and Always Talks Too Loud on the Phone

A classic V-neck sweater, $59.50, made from super soft cotton and

Roasted pecans, perfectly coated with a layer of caramel to subtly
satisfy both his sweet tooth and his love for pecans. $30 for an 18 oz.
tin, shipped in a sophisticated. black gift box. 

A subscription to Netflix, which he would totally soon as
you explain to him exactly what Netflix is, $7.99/month!

The Book Hook, a beautifully simple bookmark30.00 €.

A hilarious, but oh so fitting, wooden toothpick case, $15.

A Christmas card with a handwritten note inside that will make his
heart swell, $4.

Pop back tomorrow for the last gift guide: gifts for best
guy friends/boyfriends!

(Netflix image)


  1. Oh I bought a package of those Christmas cards this year! Love Rifle Paper Co.'s nostalgic designs.

  2. great gift guide!


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