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Monday, June 4, 2012

Four best coats for rainy summer days

It's been forecasted to rain today, but Al and I have already planned to go to the park. And, even though, right now, the skies seem to be agreeing with the weatherman's predictions, I think we might still venture out into the rain. Just for the heck of it. Here are a few options for days when staying in from the rain is not an option...

For your long morning bike rides, an Iva Jean rain cape will keep you totally dry, and can be easily removed as you run into your neighborhood cafe and pick up a baguette.

A basic hooded raincoat in a fun print or color is perfect for those warm, but cloudy, days when rain is expected, but not imminent. Once the skies clear or the rain lets up, simply fold it up in a pouch and toss it away until next time!

For traveling to or through rainy towns and cities, the Mycra Pac travel coat is ideal. It's super lightweight so it's easy to pack, and its smart design will have you looking stylish, even in the rainiest weather (plus the collar doubles as a hood and looks surprisingly dressy!).

A classic trench coat is a tried and true staple and works in any setting. Plus, it looks super cute with skinny jeans and red flats.

Which of these raincoats would you wear?

(Photos via Pinterest)


  1. Love the rain coat with the fun print. I think prints on a rain coat brings a punch of color and happiness on a rainy day!

  2. I love your blog! I've been trapped in my house due to rain off and on for the past couple of weeks & this is exactly what I needed!:)


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