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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother's Day gifts ideas

I love my momma so very, very much, and even though we butt heads sometimes, I think I do a pretty a good job of showing her just how much I love her every single day. So, with Mother's Day coming up, I thought I'd share with you all a list of wonderful things that I'm sure your mother would love to receive!

A bundle of dried lavender, $18, to adorn her nightstand and send her off in an ambrosial sleep.

A notepad featuring a sweet baby deer, $8.

A lovely rouge to use on her soft cheeks as well as her kind lips, $36.

A calming soy candle, which she'll burn as you two relax on the sofa and talk about anything and everything, $44.

A large straw hat, $38, for lazing around on the beach.

Brown sugar body scrub for bright, silky smooth skin. $38 for 7 oz., $65 for 14 oz.

Tiny brass shell earrings, $14, to remind her of the beach that she loves so much.

'Someday', $9.14, along with two cups of tea, a sunny afternoon and your head in her lap. She'll read aloud this simple, yet profound, little book, and you'll both be crying at the end.

(Top image of Jackie and Caroline Kennedy in Georgetown, 1959)

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  1. great ideas!! i can't believe how soon it will be here!

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    a peek of chic


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