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Friday, March 8, 2013

How to dress for the opera

Have you ever been to an opera? Alex and I are going to see La Traviata tonight, and I'm super excited! To me, going to the opera seems like such a big deal, even if we're not going on opening night.  I'll be wearing something like this...

1. A semi-sheer blouse, which is always romantic and pretty
2. Straight-leg ankle pants in a bright color, since it's a cool, winter tonight
3. Black ankle boots that are comfortable enough for walking to and from the parking lot
4. A pair of sparkly earrings (of course!)
5. A pretty lip stain for a sheer, but deep, color (and easy application!).
6. A dainty minaudi√®re, for carrying only the essentials 
7. A fabulous topper coat, to keep me warm without ruining my outfit!

Have you ever been to an opera? Do you have a favorite one?

(Vienna Opera House)

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