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Friday, January 6, 2012

Have a magnificent weekend!

Did you get your new year off to a good start? I can't believe it's already seems like each year goes by faster than the last! I've only been in school for three days, and already I feel sleep deprived. Meh. Maybe I'll hit the sack early tonight, then get up and go see an indie flick with my mom! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Maybe you'll be bringing a friend a delicious lunch, feeding a sweet giraffe, or admiring someone's flowers! Whatever you'll be doing, do tell! I'd love to hear.

P.S. A few lovely things I wanted to leave you with over the weekend...

The perfect high-waisted jeans + the best jeans he'll ever own

My top prom picks

Denim skinnies that look like leather

Gorgeous 'everyday' makeup

A quirky lil' blog

(Via Denise Crew and Leah)


  1. Lovely photos hope you have a great weekend too! By the way I received the bracelet. Thank you so much I will posting it on my next blog post =D

    Little Petite

  2. the first pic is so funny!!!

    have a great weekend my dear.

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