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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Colored engagement rings

Oh my gorgeous are these?? Typically, women are proposed to with a white diamond ring, but how would you like to be offered one of these beauties? I'll admit, I still have my heart set on a beautiful yellow diamond, but any one of these rings (especially that amethyst stunner...gee whiz!) would still be quite spectacular.

What about you? Classic white diamond or something a little different?


  1. This idea is so awesome! I like either black or clear diamond! :))

  2. These are really nice ;))

  3. I'm sold for the black one. So chic!

  4. The amethyst one is a stunner. would luv to try... but clear diamonds do hold a special plc fr me.xo

  5. Indeed, white is so boring! ;) I like the black one!

    xx Marije

  6. So pretty. I've never really understood the fascination with all. When my boyfriend and I first got together I told him not to get me any and he's been more creative with his presents :P Definitely would prefer a sapphire or ruby ring to diamond ring.

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  7. i think it depends on the style of the couple. I'd go for traditional white as to me, fashion rings are for fashion. but it's nice to see other colours too like ruby! definitely classy and can represent an engagement well too, like Kate Middleton's one!

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  8. I think I'd still prefer a classic white diamond but these certainly are stunning!

  9. nice rings,im having a versace and hnm dress giveaway come join

  10. I was never really a fan of classic white diamonds... I got engaged a few months ago, and my beau got me a simple, but pretty ruby ring. It's very non-tradition. But I can honestly say that I appreciate it more than I would if he got me an over the top diamond ring. :-)


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