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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Can you roller-skate?

image via pinterest


I remember learning how to roller skate when I was little. We used to have a long driveway that was pretty steep, and it led to a nice, open parking patio that was surrounded by grass. My sister and I would start halfway up the driveway (we were scared we would fall if we started any higher!), and we'd skate down the driveway (going really fast), and fall, laughing, into the grass. 

Do you know how to roller skate? Do you have any childhood memories of rollerskating? 

Also: Disco era hot shorts to skate in!


  1. Oh man! I loved roller-blading as a kid. Roller skating was okay too, but I found it harder to stop since the brakes were in the front. Skating is definitely one of my favorite pasttimes.

  2. i was roller-skaring to school when i was a kid, it was fun ^^

    [my weirdoland -]

  3. Great post! Roller blading and skating bring back so many happy memories, was one of my favourite weekend activities as a child. I'd love to take it up again as an adult! xx Oh and thank you for visiting my blog btw :)


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