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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Inexpensive, Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Alright. So there are seven days (or less, depending on when you're reading this) left until Christmas, and you still haven't done all (or any) of your holiday shopping. You have a few ladies left to shop for, but you can't think of anything awesome to get them. You've thought about taking the easy route and just buying them a bucket of assorted popcorn or a packet of socks, but then you realized that those are pretty crummy gifts. Well, worry not, sweet reader, because I've got you covered! Here are ten inexpensive and easily-attainable last-minute gift ideas...and no rush-order shipping required:

A natural hair treatment, $20, is the perfect beauty gift for any woman who loves to give her hair some TLC every once in a while.

Stop into any tea shop or farmers market and pick up some loose leaf tea. My favorite is green tea, particularly the Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Green Tea from Teavana, $12 for 2 oz.

A small tube of this shea butter hand cream works wonders for dry winter hands, $10!

A pot of this ultra-nourishing, sweet-smelling lip balm, $7.25.

This small, mouth-blown carafe from Ikea, which is an especially good choice for a particularly generous hostess, $10.

What woman doesn't love Chanel? $26.

(top image via Everelle)

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