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Friday, March 16, 2012

Have a lovely weekend

Hopefully, I'll finish the last of my prom shopping this weekend. So far I have my dress, clutch, and earrings, which really only leaves the shoes! Then, on Sunday, I'll be celebrating my dad's birthday! What are you guys up to? Petting a sweet elephant? Going to the local fair? Trying out a vegan restaurant? Do tell!



  1. Hope you have found shoes for your prom and enjoyed your dad's birthday! It's fairly stressful sometimes trying to find the perfect outfit and shoes that are comfortable that fit the bill.

    I actually did pet (well more like trekked and bathed an elephant) recently when I went travelling. There's a photo on my recent blog post :)

    I've actually moved my blog too! Please check it out and if you could refollow my new blog A Whimsy Heart that would be awesome!!


    Love Txx


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