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Friday, February 3, 2012

Have a fantastic weekend!

Spring break is coming up in the next few weeks or so, which means almost all of the girls at my school have started their "Spring Break diets". Bleh. While they're worrying about how they'll look in their bikinis, I'm thinking about places that I would like to go. First on my list? Italy! Sigh...
What are you doing this weekend? Going to Italy (if so, I'm mega jealous!)? Buying yourself a lovely perfume? Trying out a new recipe? Do tell!



  1. Happy Friday :) I wish I could go to Italy too. My sister went last year, I was so jealous.

  2. Happy weekend darling! My "spring" break is next week and I'm spending it... sleeping. After the exam session I'm looking forward to wasting time without feeling guilty. And for the Easter break I'm having a vacation in reverse: bringing my parents to Belgium instead of going home.


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